Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard Working Women and Men

One day as I logged into SL I encountered a young lady that during conversation revealed she was an escort (well It was in her profile as I was perving it out. You know you do the same so hush). She asked if I wanted to sample her services for a minimal fee.  I pondered, declined, retracted that answer, agreed, flinched, retracted, declined & finally pressed Ctrl+Q.  I panicked as I thought of what my wife (real & virtual) would do to me in the event if I were to hire an escort virtually. 
I spoke to the boss of my house the next morning asking what would be the difference between hiring an escort online versus reality.  I just wanted to get some feedback not to get shot!  These women/men  are just working and there is a minimal chance of intimate feelings.  Had it been a friend who proposed this I would definitely say no.
SL provides us all with a lifestyle that one would not normally do in reality for whatever reason. Be it bondage, homosexuality, heterosexuality, bestiality & the list goes on & on.  Keeping the anonymous factor about it is very pleasing to many people as they can explore their sexuality without judgment from those they work and/or live with.
Sex sells. Especially in Second Life.  You can find escorts & strippers without even searching it is just in your face constantly.  Avatars look gorgeous, sexy & their clothing increases the ‘smexy’.  Articles of fabric that defy gravity & the need for an adhesive, gosh I love it!

 Here is my question(s) to you out there in Second Life:  
What is the difference from hiring an escort in SL and watching porno?
They both are a means to an end.  They both are forms of non-contact, anonymous sexual entertainment.   Let me get some feedback I’m curious to what you think.