Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard Working Women and Men

One day as I logged into SL I encountered a young lady that during conversation revealed she was an escort (well It was in her profile as I was perving it out. You know you do the same so hush). She asked if I wanted to sample her services for a minimal fee.  I pondered, declined, retracted that answer, agreed, flinched, retracted, declined & finally pressed Ctrl+Q.  I panicked as I thought of what my wife (real & virtual) would do to me in the event if I were to hire an escort virtually. 
I spoke to the boss of my house the next morning asking what would be the difference between hiring an escort online versus reality.  I just wanted to get some feedback not to get shot!  These women/men  are just working and there is a minimal chance of intimate feelings.  Had it been a friend who proposed this I would definitely say no.
SL provides us all with a lifestyle that one would not normally do in reality for whatever reason. Be it bondage, homosexuality, heterosexuality, bestiality & the list goes on & on.  Keeping the anonymous factor about it is very pleasing to many people as they can explore their sexuality without judgment from those they work and/or live with.
Sex sells. Especially in Second Life.  You can find escorts & strippers without even searching it is just in your face constantly.  Avatars look gorgeous, sexy & their clothing increases the ‘smexy’.  Articles of fabric that defy gravity & the need for an adhesive, gosh I love it!

 Here is my question(s) to you out there in Second Life:  
What is the difference from hiring an escort in SL and watching porno?
They both are a means to an end.  They both are forms of non-contact, anonymous sexual entertainment.   Let me get some feedback I’m curious to what you think.

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  1. Watching Porn on a TV, Internet or even Cell phone is a lot different then acting it out on a computer screen with another Avatar virtual hooker or what ever you are in to. There is a connection with a real person on the other end its not like a video tape playing you holding a remote in one hand and your D**K in the other waiting for that moment and then just pressing stop. There are feelings involved in the actions that your avatar is doing no matter if it is just virtual you have complete power over what and where you choose your Avatar to have sex. We could go on and on about this all day but there is one simple answer Yes there is a difference and if your SL/RL Wife or Husband would catch you in the act it would be very bad for your relationship and to risk it all for another Avatar or Linden Hooker well its down to you.

    Tytn Wilber 8P