Saturday, January 28, 2012

Virtual Personas & Digital Egos

When denizens of Second Life meets major social site Facebook, Second-Book is born. A network site filled with alter egos and digital personifications of our other selves. Major discussions have been held about whether SL is a game or something more. I say it is both & neither. Second Life is by definition a user created virtual world therefore it's nature is relative to the user. With that being said we all join for whatever reason & interact in a manner that pleases us within the confines of the developers TOA.
When users decide and consent to engage in matters of the heart, personal agendas clash and deception ensues. Is it deception or rather self deception? To quote a good friend of mine 'after all we are just characters playing roles like in a soap opera, our own virtual reality show or perhaps maybe we would use it as it was intended  to be an escape from  the constraints of the real world  and creatively shaping a second life  starting first with an avatar a virtual representation of oneself.  how much should we really believe about second life and who's fault is it if we mistake someone else's fiction  to be our own personal nonfiction.'  
Feelings get hurt because of poor communication on all parties involved. She's called a bitch & he's called an asshole but who really is to blame. Should we fault the male for choosing to have a long list of women 'friends' but never really commit to anyone of them or should we fault the female for expressing feelings vicariously through an avatar?
Facts are we all keep pertinent information away from a suitor because we consider it to be deal breakers early on. We continue with this farce until the other person becomes invested, then we slowly release information because it is easier to swallow once the heavy down payment has been made. Whether it's flirting through Facebook, Second Life, Yahoo or as I call it Second-Book you cannot depend on the other person behind the  monitor to complete your pages in your story. The more of yourself you place into your digital self the harder and stronger the disconnection will be once the other characters don't want to be part of your fairy tale.  This virtual world of ours is solely dependent on whether we pay our ISP for privileges.