Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 in Review

If a person can teleport to a sim & the first line that they read is 'Oh shit it's XXX' you know you got trouble on your hands.... 2010 what a year!  I’ve met some crazy new friends, reconnected with old ones & looking forward to more memories before we all die in two years. 
Oh no here we go ‘Conrad is nuts thinking 2012’ No I’m not, I’m just saying that life in itself is short.

It's no mystery that the people I hang around are completely insane. 
We annoy people, make fun or ourselves and most importantly we love each other.  The few people I have come to know & enjoy in SL are a big part of me.  I would meet them in a heartbeat and in fact already planning  trips to meet a few of them.  

Everyone is entitled to their own zone of comfort and I respect the wish of anyone to remain anonymous within Second Life and on many occasions I support it.  Face it many people on Second Life are mentally unstable. The ones you meet and are constantly causing 'drama'. I for one don't know anyone like that because they don't last long in a group of people who mainly are in SL to enjoy themselves and express their love of creativity. (Yes wreaking havoc is an art..just ask Skyler). 
On that note let's aim to make 2011 even crazier than 2010.  I want us all to try and dedicate a day to making just one person laugh and smile so hard that their face hurts.  See you all in the funny papers!

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