Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Becoming A DJ in Second Life: Easy Setup No Mic Needed

I've had a few people ask me how to become a DJ in SL so here is my quick & dirty tutorial for doing.  You will need one program and a plug-in in order to be able to play your favorite tunes over the internet into Second Life.  Winamp media player and it's Shoutcast DSP Plugin.  Click here for Winamp, any version will do next you need the plugin , get the plugin here and follow up to step 5. Once you get to this step without any issues you are almost done.
Now we need to configure our DSP, if your Shoutcast Source window is not already up then go to Options--Preferences--Plugins--DSP/Effect & select the dsp (should be step 5).  Once that window opens up you will see four(4) tabs Main-Output-Encode-Input. The Main tab doesn't show anything relevant so we will jump to the encoder tap & select MP3 and at a quality of your choosing, I recommend 96k, 41 hz Stereo, but some people swear by 128k.  Now go to the Input tab & it should be on Winamp Select, if you have it on soundcard then that allows you to 'talk over the music'. The output tab is the last thing you need to configure & that info comes from a 'streaming server'.
You can rent one is  SL anywhere from 500L to 1000L a month depending on the bandwidth & amount of listeners you expect to have. I recommend going for a 96kbps -->128kbps & 50 Listeners server for the beginner.  The server info looks alot like an IP address (example & the port is what follows (:1234). So when giving out your stream to potential customers it will look like so according to my example. Alternatively some clubs or businesses have their own server which they will let you stream to if you are djing for them.  Oh don't forget to click 'connect' once the server info is in.
If you are not familiar with winamp I suggest you get familiar with the media library & searching, creating playlists & the now playing section.  Do not & I repeat DO NOT use shuffle or random while streaming. It will crash everytime.  Good Luck & see you in world.

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  1. Do you have to pay royalty licensing in SL? The same way you have to in RL?