Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where is Everybody

One thing that bothers me in Second Life is the fact that many people say that they are 'bored'. They need something to do. So whenever I hear this I start looking at the event board and teleporting to places and find what seems to be lavish worlds with no people, it's as if I stepped into the movie 'I am Legend'. The entire island is usually empty.  Maybe there is some truth to this virtual boredom.
Linden Lab leaves SL to the community to develop but the community is broken and greedy.  Everyone wants an island, their own 'castle'. Though I have nothing against people trying to be entrepreneurial, they do need a sense of community to bring avatars together and not just at a two hour event or special occasion.  I took a trip to a sim that is made to look like Harlem in the 50's. The area was beautiful and I was ready to engage in it but no one was there & it is hard to believe Harlem to be empty during the 50's or. This applies to most sims that recreates a major city, they are beautiful to look at but completely lifeless.
 . People spend a great deal of real money & time to maintain their 'club' or 'business'. Here is what I propose as a possible solution.  People should combine their resources and stop trying to be an island owning dictator.  Business need traffic and people want to go places where there are others to interact with.  If at least five (5) business/land owners (need I say LEADERS) get together and place their resources on one sim, they can setup a virtual community much like in real life complete with residential & commercial areas. Where at any given time there will be avatars abound. Encourage the small businesses to setup shop & create a welcome center for the new ones. Traffic will grow exponentially to the point they will have to create another one but only once the first has been completed.  Sure there will be others who will try and emulate but competition is natural and welcome.
Had the Harlem area had real apartments and businesses I would stayed there and enjoyed music at the Cotton Club or enjoyed coffee at the Paris sim on a regular basis. We are social creatures and we all can't be kings of our private SL world nor do most desire that responsibility.  I joined Second Life to have a 2nd life, meaning I can't travel the world but in SL I can the only problem is when I get theses far away cities I am only greeted by tumbleweeds.

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